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We’re giving you something fancy today, ladies! Presenting, the Louis Vuitton Sac Plat Animal Print Sheepskin, a furry addition to the brand’s growing line of fabulous designer pieces. This piece is a part of LV’s Fall 2015 collection, which was heavy with all the animal prints (not that we’re complaining!).

The bag’s exterior is made with lush, patterned sheepskin with glazed calf-leather trim. Its shape, which was introduced in the year 1968, makes it a winner in the functionality department since it can hold your essentials with ease. Nothing says mixing business with pleasure than a Sac Plat.

It even comes with a removable leather strap and double top-handles which allow you to wear it however you want. Inside, it has a flat pocket and zip pocket, which gives you more room to organize.

Measuring 14.2” x 15” x 3.1” inches (L x H x W), you can get your very own Sac Plat Animal Print Sheepskin for $5000 USD or £2830 GBP


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Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl as Guest Editor for Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2015


Introducing the latest Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2015 collection featuring Olivia Palermo and her husband, Johannes Huebl as the Guest Editor. Cherished by the signature style of the iconic American designer who always combines a distinctive classic vibe with preppy and modern mood, Olivia and Johannes pose on fresh and relaxed attitude, revealing the must-haves, favorite pieces of the season from the newest lines of Tommy’s collection.

Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2015 Must-haves with Olivia Palermo and her husband, Johannes Huebl

Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2015 featuring Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl as Guest Editor

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl for Tommy Hilfiger Summer 2015 Collection

Olivia Palermo and her husband, Johannes Huebl present the new Tommy Hilfiger must-haves summer 2015 collection

As seen on the pictures, Olivia gives easy chic and comfy style inspirations; she’s wearing a fabulous knitted tank top with star pattern at front in grey paired with relaxed fit pants in light beige while the chunky high-heeled strappy sandals in camel brown leather add a glam, seductive touch. On another look, the actress also poses in navy blue top worn with versatile zigzag shorts in matching tones, simple white sweatshirt with casual striped pants while her husband, Johannes is on a classic white Henley T-shirt, denim shirt, tropical floral swim shorts accompanied by casual slip-on sneakers and many other statement essentials proposed to be in men’s wardrobe this spring/summer 2015. The lovable outfits will be shortly available to shop at some favorite stores & online boutiques

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Balenciaga Classic City Orange Yellow Replica Handbag Review

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My friend Kate received for her birthday from her work colleagues this Replica Balenciaga bag. I cannot say it is a perfect replica, it looks good overall but if you take a closer look you can be a little disappointed. I know she wanted a yellow bag and this is why they bought her this one but it not a true yellow, it is more like an orange yellow.

balenciaga bag

The hardware of this Balenciaga Classic City Orange Yellow replica handbag is very dark bronze, darker than the original bag, the studs have a matt finish but the buckles try to shine a little bit. The zipper on the front of the bag is shorter than it should be and it doesn’t zip all the way. There is a space of about half of a centimeter from the place it stops till the one it should. I know this is quite common among replica bags but I have seen a lot of cloned bags that did not have this issue, on the contrary, they looked as they had the genuine zipper attached. But as you can only notice this if you take a close look at the zipper I don’t think this should bother her too much. The stitching is good, I compared it to my authentic Balenciaga and there doesn’t seem to be any difference.

balenciaga bag 3

The quality of the leather is very good on this Balenciaga Classic City Orange yellow replica bag, it looks and feels like the original. It is thick and it smells like new leather. This is a very good thing because there are a lot of bad replicas out there that smell horrible, you cannot keep them in the house. There is the same kind of leather used for the overlay of the buckle decorations. I saw a lot of replicas that don’t use the same leather; they use poor quality leather in the spaces that are not very visible. I am glad this is not the case with this bag. There is a mirror attached to the Replica Balenciaga bag that looks like the original one. It has the same size and the same shape. The handles of the bag are very well cloned both on the front and on the back.

balenciaga bag 2

The zipper from the underside is really bad. The stitching is awful, very sloppy, I am glad that it is underneath and it is not visible. The fabric used for the interior is black, the original bag has the same color inside, but it doesn’t feel the same, it is a different texture, but the quality is decent. There is a metal name plate stitched inside the bag. The engravings are correct; it looks clean and correctly attached. On the back side of the bag there is a serial number embossed, it is the same number that we can find on the metal name plate, which is good but there is also embossed “made in Italy” that is not correct, there should have been capital letters: “MADE IN ITALY”.

The main issue of this Balenciaga Classic City Orange yellow replica bag is the stitching. It is not very good and there are some places where it is visible, but overall it is a good looking bag. I am sure Kate will enjoy wearing it and her colleagues will be very pleased to see how happy they made her.

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Are you looking for a tough-luxe, edgy piece that’s gonna take your outfit into a whole new level? Well then, buckle up! Presenting, the Givenchy Pandora Box Studded Shoulder Bag, an amazing addition to the luxury house’s line of designer pieces and accessories. This leather stunner is absolutely a must-have!

Measuring 15cm x 18cm x 10cm (H x W x D), the Pandora Box Studded Shoulder Bag carries all of your essentials with ease. Both the urban, hippie chick and the classy (but kick-ass) woman on the go will love its simple and functional design. Don’t let the studs and metal fool you, this piece was made to last! It even has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to wear it however you want! A clasp fastening and zipped front pocket both finish this look up, making you ready for the night.

Priced at $2320 USD or €1490 EUR, you can get your very own Pandora Box Studded Shoulder Bag via MyTheresa.







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Intimissimi Lingerie Tropical Flowers Collection Spring Summer 2015


Introducing Intimissimi lingerie tropical flowers collection. Dedicated to enrich ladies spring/summer 2015 undergarment closet, the new arrivals of the Italian brand brings lovely pieces in soft, flirty fabrics characterized by delightful tropical floral in subtle yet vivacious pastel shades. Well, find out here on Fashionbashon the captivating underwear with price list and details proposed on the latest Intimissimi catalog of the season.

Intimissimi Lingerie Tropical Flowers: Underwear Catalogue Spring Summer 2015

To enliven women’s spring/summer 2015 underwear wardrobe, the Intimissimi lingerie tropical flowers collection comes up with various alluring pieces, from balconette, push-up bras, G-string and Brazilian panties to the flirtatious georgette tops and slip dresses in gentle silk fabrics in shades of sky blue, mustard yellow, fresh green and other lively pastel tones combination defined by tropical floral prints & patterns, seductive embroidered lace appliqués and many other appealing details in comfortable materials to provide total distinctive allure and a sense of confidence in every occasion.

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Intimissimi Lingerie Tropical Flowers SS 2015: Gioia super push-up bra

Intimissimi Lingerie Tropical Flowers Gioia Super Push-Up Bra SS 2015

Distinguished by soft yet passionate detailing in subtle shades of light blue color, the latest lines ofIntimissimi lingerie catalogue exclusively offers the Tropical Flowers series. As we find on the fabulous Gioia Super Push-Up Bra (£ 38.00) featuring lively floral print in satin fabric enriched with sensuous low neckline and intriguing underwired cups with lace appliqué to perform sexier cleavage without losing the comfort. Devoted to accomplish women’s underwear wardrobe spring-summer 2015, the Intimissimi Tropical Flowers collection also comes up with other seductive pieces including the Bellissima lightly-padded push-up bra (£ 32.00), Brazilian panties (£ 14.00) and ladylike silk tank-top (£ 42.00) with delicate thin strap and embroidered lace at hem.

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Intimissimi Lingerie Tropical Flowers SS 2015: natural lace narrow side G-string

Intimissimi Lingerie Tropical Flowers G-string SS 2015

The newest arrivals of Intimissimi lingerie collection present Natural Lace; timeless elegant pieces with a touch of flirty lace insert in fresh, relaxing pastel green and yellow combination to meet the colors trend of the season. As we can see through the Sofia Balconette Bra (£ 38.00) featuring underwire and lightly-padded detailing with adjustable shoulder strap dedicated to give an excellent support and sensual cleavage silhouette, perfect to wear under any elegant outfits from your closet for a sexier and more confident look. The Intimissimi Natural Lace lingerie series also offers a sexy yet classic Elena Balconette Bra (£ 38.00) featuring sensuous v-neckline, seductive Brazilian Panties (£ 14.00) and the provocative chic Narrow Side G-string (£ 14.00). As alternative, you can also pick the softer color option in calm multicolor powder pink.

  • And here to find out the Delicate Transparence Intimissimi Spring/Summer 2015 Lingerie Collection

Intimissimi Lingerie Tropical Flowers SS 2015: short sleeve lace georgette top

Intimissimi Lingerie Tropical Flowers Georgette Top SS 2015

What women cannot miss from the newest lines of Intimissimi Lingerie catalog spring/summer 2015 is also a selection of delicate undergarments in vivacious pastel yellow made of gentle, lightweight fabrics enriched with fabulous lace insert. The appealing short-sleeved Georgette Top (£ 42.00) featuring mesh and lace embroidery work at front with crewneck and georgette style ribbon fastener at back, the Lace Microfiber Brazilian Panties (£ 9.00) with stunning bow detail at the center of the elastic waistline, the flirtatious Natural Lace Silk Tank-Top (£ 42.00) with lace embroidery at hem and a comfortable Modal Maxi Tank-Top (£ 17.00) featuring slightly wider strap to create fabulous casual yet sporty mood to wear with leggings or jogging pants.

Those are among the enchanting pieces of the latest catalog of the Italian underwear label we presented here in Fashionbashon with price list and details. Discover and browse more sensual yet delicate bras, panties and tops and other flirtatious undergarments in vibrant shades of pastel tones enriched with refined embellishments and fabulous detailing to refresh your spring/summer wardrobe, shop the favorable elements above at official Intimissimi lingerie tropical flowers collection.

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What differences are there between replica bags?

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If you ever wondered if all replica bags are the same, the answer is no. They are not the same; some of them don’t even look alike even if they try to imitate the same original model. There are a lot of designers in the world that create original stuff, but there are not two designers that use the same design, the same materials, the same functionality for the items or even the same sizes. This is the thing with the replica manufacturers too; they use different materials and different techniques to replicate the original items. All the details, the specific materials make the replicas be unique in their special way.

we love bags

Because there are a lot of replica manufacturers out there, and because a lot of them make replica bags and all of the bags have their uniqueness we cannot say that there are good or bad replicas. But some of them imitate better the original thing and some are not. There are a few replicas that look exactly like the genuine product and a lot of them that are misspelled and have crappy materials. It depends on us, on how much we’ve read about how a replica of the bag we intend to get should look like, should feel like and even smell like. I heard some of them have an awful smell you cannot get rid of.

designer bags

If you’re buying the replica bag online you should search a lot about it. You should read reviews on specialized blogs to know exactly what you are looking for, how a replica of the bag you want should be like. Then find a reliable web site, check if they have a phone number, chat and email address, make sure they are easy to contact and also if the web site has friendly customer service.

The main idea of replica bags is to look as close as they can like the original ones. Now, a genuine bag will be a genuine one and a replica will not be original even if it looks really good. But high quality materials make the replicas imitate better the genuine ones. The best replica bags are made of real leather. The quality of the leather can be distinguished in the pictures too. Genuine leather has its particular look, it is shiny and it is very easy to spot even in the pictures. Leatherette is the material they use for the poor quality bags. It is a material that imitates leather and it is highly unaesthetic. When we look at the photos we can see that this is not real leather. It has a cheap aspect; it has that plastic artificial shine that it is better to avoid. If you’ll purchase one of these bags you fell on your own what I told you earlier about the smell. They have an awful smell and you cannot get rid of it no matter what you do or how hard you try.

lucury bags

Besides the leather used there are a lot of other very important things that make a replica purse look like a genuine one or not. The tags, markings, engravings, stitching, charms, hardware and logos are the ones that make difference. Before choosing the replica bag you’ll have to choose the genuine one. You’ll have to know exactly how the bag that you want looks like, what are its authenticity signs in order to know how the replica that you are going to purchase should look like.

I think we established that not all replica bags are the same. Unfortunately nothing is easy in this life, not even purchasing a high quality replica bag. If you’re not well trained you might get a horrible bag and fell sorry for you money. So the best thing to do is read, learn and then buy.

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