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If you've been thinking about getting a new Chanel handbag, you're in luck; if you've been thinking about getting a new Chanel suitcase, carry-on, Classic Flap the size of a carry-on, vanity case or other assorted travel component, you're also in lucky. Chanel's Spring 2016 have just arrived in stores, and the collection's airport runway theme means that the line covers a lot more ground (and includes a lot more bags) than recent seasons.

The travel theme also allowed Chanel to bring in more non-leather materials than it usually uses, including nylon and toile, which helps expand the brand's handbag offerings on the lower end of its price point--there's even a cute crossbody bag for $1,800, which is just about as low as I've seen Chanel go at its current price structure. On the higher end, if you want to waltz onto a private jet with an all-alligator rolling suitcase in tow, Chanel is glad to provide you that opportunity for a price it is only willing to share with customers on a case-by-case basis.

We dutifully gathered all the available images of the collection below, as well as all the publicly available prices. For images that contain two bags, Chanel seems to have made a data entry error on its site: both are listed at the same price, even in instances when one bag is obviously smaller and should cost less. We have an inquiry in with Chanel for the correct prices, but in the meantime, we believe the given price is accurate for the larger bag in each photo.

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