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First the Urban Companion Wallet, then the Urban Companion WOC and now the Chanel Urban Companion O Cases. And of course, the O Case style does not need any introduction, because it has been one of the house’s mini iconic accessories for some time now. Now you will absolutely adore the Urban Companion O Case, because it’s ‘the evening bag’ you need for the modern time. Introduced for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 1, let’s dive into the tiny details.

The Design


Part smooth leather and part quilting, that’s the latest exciting combination in fashion. Now that this style has proven to be the next big thing, Chanel has decided to create an entire line for the Urban Companion. It also features a medium-sized day bag.

The flap is made in smooth leather; you will also see this effect on the back. However, the majority part of the design is crafted in diamond quilting. The smooth leather and diamond quilting mix is the answer to today’s fashion – it looks both classic but also modern. It’s the bag we need to survive on daily basis.

The Urban Companion O Case is built from lambskin, which is fragile but also luxurious and it feels extremely smooth. This handbag is your perfect partner for the evenings as well as important events. Having it in lambskin will help you feel fabulous, but can you match it with the right outfit?

The center CC clasp is the most important component, because it’s where the eyes are going to glaze. This CC clasp is quite new and introduced not long ago. But you got to love the part hardware and part leather design, because it’s fresh, distinctive and stylish.

You can also pick numerous of bright colors – pick the right one for the upcoming summer.

The Interior


The interior of Urban Companion O Case is the same as the classic O Case. Inside you will find one large compartment for all your daily or evening essentials. The space is not huge, because the bag is flat.

The Sizes And Prices

Style code A84430, measuring 7.7’ x 10.8’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at $1275 USD, $1675 CAD, €1200 EUR, £1080 GBP, $2020 SGD, $10500 HKD, $1890 AUD, 6290 MYR via Chanel boutiques.

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